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IMAP Migration Tool
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Jason Solis

This project was originally intended to be just a migration tool, but I changed it into an archiving and migration tool. What this means is that you can move messeages from one IMAP server to another, and in addition, you can choose between moving all messages, or just messages older than X weeks old.

I originally wrote a simplified version of this tool for my job. I was asked to migrate our mail from a linux machine running sendmail to an exchange server ( I had no part in this =). The migration tool that came with exchange was a complete flop. So I took 3 hours to write and test my PHP script which migrated the mail over to our new exchange box. Since then I decided to add a bunch of features to it and open sourced it so others who ran into the same problem could benefit.

Instructions on how to install, setup, configure, and use the IMT are available here.


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